One to ones / small group yoga

One to One Classes – Yoga, Pilates, or Barre

As well as studio classes, I can also provide one to one sessions. Whatever your reason for coming to yoga, Pilates or barre is, I can establish a plan for you that will allow you to reach your goals and aspirations. This will be a totally personal plan that is purely for you, meaning you can hit your potential quicker.

The beauty of movement is that it connects the body and the mind, so we can make lifestyle changes and adaptations that will make your life better for you and give you back the control and power in your life! I can work with all bodies, all conditions, all injuries, and all mindsets…you will be amazed at what you can achieve in just a couple of sessions.

One to ones are priced at £50, with a discount for a block booking of 5 or more.

One to Two / Small Group Classes

In addition to one to ones, I can offer a similar process to one to two or to a small group. If there are shared goals, shared ambitions, or shared issues we can work together to create a group plan that works for everyone…whatever the issues are. If you feel more comfortable with friends or family, we can totally design a system that does everything we do in a one to one but with the support of others. Prices for these sessions vary dependent on the numbers attending so contact me to explore this option more!

These sessions can take place at the akarmalife studio in Ampthill, at your home or at my home studio in Shefford.

Want to find out more? I offer a free 20 minute consultation on everything I offer to see if it suits you. Please message me via the contact page or call me on 07826 916252